Find: Space Needle Hand Towel

I had the Space Needle on my mind last night after perusing the souvenir edition of the Seattle Times from April 1962. I dropped in on eBay to see what sort of Seattle memorabilia might be available.  Turns out ephemera from the worldly fairs actually has a category on eBay. Who knew!

Cool Stuff on eBay

Check it out- a 50 year old towel.

But not just any towel- it’s a souvenir from the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle! Very cool graphic featuring the space needle and the monorail.

This year happens to be the 50th anniversary of the “Century 21 Exposition.” Check out this classic space-age towel here…

Seattle World’s Fair Hand Towel

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A Life in Pictures

I recently discovered a unique archive of photographs. They are the work of a man named Nick De Wolfe.

from the Nick De Wolfe archive
Every little boy loves a radial engine.

I had never heard of Mr. De Wolfe, but suffice to say he was quite an interesting man. He snapped a lot of pictures throughout his life, and was one hell of a photographer. The voluminous stacks, accumulated over a lifetime, are currently being scanned by De Wolfe’s son-in-law, Steve Lundeen.

I was fascinated paging through the images from all over the world- some from places I have visited. One of the more interesting sets involves a vacation trip from New York to Stockholm in 1959. For highlights and a wonderful explanation of this unique archive visit A Continuous Lean.

Or view the entire collection on Flickr…

Nick De Wolfe Photo Archive

Loyalty Cards: 1966

Swipe loyalty card now.

We were going through a box of some old family stuff the other night. I found photos from the Eighties and ephemera dating back to the Fifties.

One of the most “oh wow” moments was unearthing an S&H Green Stamps book. It immediately brought back memories of Mom filling books and the weird stamp dispenser machine in the grocery store that resembled a telephone dial.

I love the artwork. The whole family is so happy that Mom is saving stamps to buy an overpriced blender!

The inside pages were pulp and always featured line drawings. As a child I was convinced they were coloring books!