World’s Largest Chopper

Maduko Subsidiary Unveils New Helicopter

In a recent news release a bold new endeavor was announced to combine luxurious accommodations and rotating wing aircraft. The Hotelicopter offers 18 guest suites grafted on to a Soviet Mil V12 helicopter.

“The Hotelicopter is redefining luxury travel for our generation,” Alvin Farley, CEO of The Hotelicopter Company said in the statement. “Of course, safety is our number one priority, and our vehicle exceeds all safety, operating and maintenance requirements outlined by the FAA in the Code of Federal Regulations relating to transport category rotocraft.”

When questioned about the name, and its similarity to a hotel booking site, Farley was elusive.

American Airlines Retiree Contact Number

My father retired from AA about 30 years ago.

Last week he asked me to help him make a change to his monthly pension payment. He didn’t have any recent paperwork so I turned to the web to find contact info. An hour later I resorted to the telephone. 30 minutes later I was about to pull my hair out.

As huge as American Airlines is I could not believe their retirement program was so clandestine.

After a call to the local Transport Workers Union (TWU) office I got a Tulsa number for employee relations, and they finally provided me a phone number…

American Airlines Pension Plan Info Line

After all the effort it took me to find this I decided to post this number to assist any other AA Brats who may be having trouble locating this information.