Great Source for Fuel Line Quick Connects

Here’s a hot tip I picked up off the BMW R bike forum,

Many BMW motorcycles use inline quick-disconnects on the fuel lines to make removal of the gas tank easier and less messy. It’s a great idea because they make it quicker to unhook the fuel line, and they also shut off the flow of fuel when disconnected. I’m sure other manufacturers use similar fittings- and if not, they’re a great addition to most any bike, boat, go-kart, etc.

The problem is many are made of plastic and become brittle with age. BMW even recalled their early versions and replaced them with a new design intended to last longer. But owners still report problems, and if one breaks on the road you’re stranded.

The other problem is these things aren’t cheap. That’s why I was delighted to find these affordable high-quality brass disconnects available in 5/16″ (the proper size to fit the BMW’s 8mm fuel line). They are made with buna seals which are impervious to most fuels.

I ordered a pair through Amazon for less than the price of one from BMW.

Brass Quick Connects

Hot Camcorders at Cool Prices

B & H Photo is offering some great bargains on top notch camcorders. I picked a few of my favorites from different categories- from lightweight point-and-shoot to fully digital HD.

Pure Digital 30 Minute Point & Shoot Camcorder
The Pure Digital 30 Minute Point & Shoot Camcorder is so easy to use, anyone can record home videos. All you have to do is point the camera at your subject, press record and shoot. That’s it! Capture up to 30 minutes of video to the camera’s internal 512MB flash memory and when you’re ready to share what you’ve recorded upload it to your compatible PC or Mac via the USB arm.

The Point & Shoot also features a 2x digital zoom for getting in closer, a 1.4″ TFT color playback screen, and review and delete options for recorded footage. Built-in software aids in sharing and archiving, and includes free video hosting options. This camera is not only easy to use but also extremely affordable, which makes it perfect for the budget conscious consumer who wants an uncomplicated camcorder experience.

Special Price- $79.95+ Shipping

Samsung SC-D382 Mini DV Camcorder
The Samsung SC-D382 Mini DV Camcorder features a 680k pixel CCD image sensor for recording all your adventures in life. Whether you’re at a child’s sporting event or on a family vacation this camera will capture the moment with ease. The 34x optical zoom and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) allows you to capture clean, clear video from far off or in crowded situations where you’re likely to experience hand shake. The 2.7″ color TFT LCD display provides a platform for composing your shots and a place to watch video upon playback. When you’re ready to take a little more control of your movie making, just switch over to manual focus, exposure, white balance or shutter speed. And, because of it’s compact size, take the SC-D382 anywhere you go; just drop it in a bag and forget about it until it’s time to record!

Special Price- $ 154.95 + Shipping

Sony HDR-UX5 AVC HD DVD Handycam Camcorder
The Sony HDR-UX5 AVC HD DVD Handycam Camcorder shoots in genuine 1080i resolution, for real unparalleled HDTV clarity. Its professional quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens captures brilliant images with life like color and tones, while the 2.1-megapixel CMOS processes faster than a CCD for richer color and better detail. The Progressive Shutter System supplies digital still images with excellent definition and sharpness.

This camcorder comes with a variety of features, including 80x digital zoom, 16:9 widescreen mode, a hot shoe, a USB 2.0 interface, and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. This camcorder records in DVD format MPEG2 and AVCHD onto DVDs. The DR-UX5 is compatible with DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R Dual Layer disc formats for easy shooting and storing.

Special Price- $ 379.95+ Free Shipping

Canon VIXIA HG10 HD AVCHD HDD Camcorder
The Canon VIXIA HG10 HD AVCHD HDD camcorder combines a 40GB internal memory, 1920 x 1080 Full HD CMOS sensor, and DIGIC DV II technology. The 40GB HDD allows for up to 15 hours of record time in LP mode while the CMOS provides for true-to-life color rendition even in low-light. The DIGIC DV II technology further improves color reproduction, especially in skin tones while at the same time reducing image noise.

The 2.7″ multi-angled vivid widescreen LCD enables you to shoot with the LCD screen at any angle and still be able to see what you’re recording. The SuperRange optical image stabilization offers more image stability than previously available on other camcorders. The 24p provides rich, movie-film quality for your videos.

The HG10 is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. Canon’s compact design also provides for ease of use and ergonomic comfort when recording, giving you a camcorder that looks and feels smart.

Special Price- $ 599.99+ Free Shipping

JVC GZ-HD7 Everio 60GB Hard Disk Drive HD Camcorder
The JVC Everio GZ-HD7 is a hard-drive based high definition camcorder with a variety of unique features destined to wet the palette of professionals and enthusiasts alike. The 60GB internal hard drive is capable of recording up to 420 minutes of standard definition footage, as well as being able to shoot up to 1080i.

Equipped with a plethora of controls, the GZ-HD7 performs much like a compact prosumer camera while still being incredibly affordable. The most notable feature on the camera is its ability to shoot ultra-high bandwidth MPEG-2 video for increased quality over traditional HDV.

Special Price- $ 799.95+ Free Shipping

Panasonic PV-GS90 Mini DV Camcorder
Panasonic designed the PV-GS90 SD MiniDV Camcorder for the die-hard fan of both SD and MiniDV. Not only will this camera fulfill your need for the old school but its compact size makes it perfect for travel; just put it in your bag and go. The 1/6″ CCD image sensor captures video with accuracy and stills in 640 x 480 resolution to SD/SDHC cards (sold separately). Use the widescreen 2.7″ LCD display to compose your shots or to play back footage for friends.

The PV-GS90 also features an LED light, 42x optical zoom, and MEGA Optical Image Stabilization. Panasonic’s MEGA OIS is an upgraded version of standard OIS, which corrects 4000x per second for a steady shot every time. If you’ve been craving MiniDV in standard definition, the PV-GS90 is for you.

Special Price- $ 224.95+ Free Shipping

Lewis & Clark Coming to Tulsa

About 150 years too late? No, not that Lewis & Clark.

Lewis & Clark Outfitters is an outdoors and camping gear retailer headquartered in Springdale, AR. It’s similar to an REI– maybe a little smaller- with all sorts of tents, backpacks, bicycles and clothing. Whenever we’re in Arkansas we like to drop in and check out the latest specials on outdoorsy stuff. Turns out they are opening a store in Tulsa sometime in Spring 2009.

Their plans are for a state-of-the-art store located near the Riverwalk development in Jenks. The design sounds pretty cool and will make the Tulsa location their flagship store. River access is even provided for test driving canoes and kayaks!

So pretty soon we won’t have to cross the state line to check out the latest deals.

Our Leisure Time in the Internet Age

I love trolling through Craigslist.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an obsession. I don’t spend every waking moment there. But when I have a few minutes to kill that’s one of the bookmarks I occasionally visit.

You never know what you’ll find. This morning under motorcycles/scooters I spotted “Large gas powered train holds 5 people” located in Kansas, OK. How could I resist? You just have to click on this stuff. The train cars are made from 55 gallon drums.

Or last week I came across a jar of dirt. It was free.

The free stuff is sometimes a little crazy. Almost creepy. Like today’s post for “Fun random things,” that sounds a little scary to me. What sort of serial random murderer might be lurking behind that randomized email address?

A couple of months ago I saw a vintage BMW motorcycle. I sent it to a friend half-jokingly. Last week he called me up to tell me he’d just bought it. Which proves you must be very careful how you use this powerful tool. You can quickly put yourself, or a friend, in the poor house!

So remember- the ‘List has great power. Use it only for good, not for evil.

The best of Craigslist….


Simple Solution for Serious Backups

When’s the last time you backed up important files on your computer?

Did someone say, “Yeah, right.” Thought so.

It’s not something that tops my list of fun things to do. Burning CDs or hooking up external drives that never seem to hold enough data. Plus it’s so easy to forget to do it in the first place! That’s why I’m tickled to finally find something that makes it painless. So painless in fact, I don’t even have to remember to do it!

Mozy Backup is a product of Berkeley Data Systems. Since 2005 they’ve done a dandy job of making complex software easy to use. Mozy Backup is no exception.

Basically Mozy is a software application that securely makes copies of your important files and transfers them to Berkeley’s servers. If tragedy strikes, you retrieve the copy and restore it to your system. In about 10 minutes you can download, install and start backing up your system. The out-of-the-box settings are best for most people, so you really can fire it up and walk away. They offer versions for Windows or Mac and you can even use it for free (if you can live with a limit of 2 gig).

I’ve used it on our computers at home now for about two years and have no complaints. But getting files on a backup is only half the battle. Happily, the one time I needed to restore a file (usually my least favorite part of any backup plan) it was just as slick.

For the more serious technogeeks they also offer a MozyPro edition that’s perfect for networks. Small or large. I use it at work to back up our file server and find it much easier to use than tape drives or funky backup software. Plus I like the idea of having the backup data stored off-site just in case of serious catastrophes.

It’s good stuff.

Finally Free Backup Is Here.