Time to Two-Step

There’s nothing like the possibility of World War Three to get the cybersecurity conversations started.

Prompts to enable two-step verification began popping up in Chrome in May.
A prompt to enable 2FA in the Chrome web browser.

The “military operation” in Ukraine has increased the possibility of cyberattacks as the Russian government seeks to retaliate against supporters of Ukraine. While the news is dominated by stories of hackers and sophisticated cyberbots breaching large networks or corporations, a good deal of the cyberwar will be fought in the email inbox. Phishing and spoofed emails still comprise a huge percentage of computer crime.

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What’s New?

Here’s a quick tip you might find helpful if you use the Chrome web browser. Did you know there’s an easy to find feature called What’s New? There are loads of helpful tools and features you may not know about.

For example, I recently discovered one and use it all the time. It will reopen a tab I accidentally closed. Just right-click in that empty area up top and…

Reopen closed tab!
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Deciphering Google Analytics

One of the most powerful marketing tools available to you is Google Analytics (GA). If you’re not using it already, you should. It’s not only powerful- it’s free! But with all that awesomeness comes some confusing terms and concepts that can be really confusing. Hits, Reach, Bounce Rate, Behavior… it can all be a bit daunting.

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