Favorite Meat Alternatives

Beyond Meat's Italian sausage with mushroom and veggie pasta. Firelli pizza hot sauce looks on.
Beyond Meat’s Italian sausage with mushroom and veggie pasta.

New Year. Time for resolutions, setting goals, and maybe abstaining from… something. For some of you one of those things might be less meat, and more plant-based food. If you’re thinking about eating less meat in 2024, but feel the need for meat-like something on your plate, then read on.

I get it. So many of our meals revolve around meat. After all, it’s what goes in the middle of a sandwich. So finding something analogous to meat not only smooths the dietary transition, it can streamline the social aspect of meals with friends and family. Not to mention consuming less fat and zero cholesterol. But in recent years there has been a plethora of non-meat offerings popping up in your grocer’s freezer. Whether shopping for your next dinner party or just Meatless Monday lunch, it can be a little daunting.

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The Time for Tap-to-Pay is Now!

Almost overnight the coronavirus pandemic has literally changed our world.

Things we touched a couple of weeks ago without a second thought are now scrutinized. A trip to the store has become a monumental endeavor. And don’t even think about paying with cash!

Smart Cards aren't really all that smart. At least not in the U.S.

If only there were a way to pay without touching anything.
Oh wait… there is!

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COVID Cruise

Living in this strange new world of COVID-19 has changed the daily routine. Telecommuting and #WFH (working from home) were mere concepts to most Americans just two weeks ago. Today we’re exchanging tips for using tools like Zoom and Skype. Grammarians cringe as “slack” becomes a verb. Work may never be the same again, let alone the workplace.

We’re also looking for ways to spend our time after hours. How can we get out of the house while avoiding interactions or large gatherings? Socializing without socializing. So yesterday we did something we hadn’t done in years—we went for a drive in the country.

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