He Can Walk!

Well, sort of.

Eleven weeks after knee surgery I saw the doctor for my third follow-up yesterday. He finally gave me the go-ahead to begin bearing weight on my right leg! Of course after nearly 3 months on crutches it’s hard to just start walking around. I’m not even sure I remember how!

Fortunately the knee feels great. But my right foot has been out of action so long it’s almost painful to walk on! Tomorrow is my first physical therapy session with this new weight-bearing aspect thrown in. We’ll see how it goes.

This entire ordeal has been quite a learning experience. But the best part is I can finally drive!

We Shall Gather at the River

Earlier this week I learned about a bizarre proposal to build an amusement park next to Tulsa’s urban wilderness area at Turkey Mountain. The public reaction has been swift and negative.

In the interest of equal time here’s a development idea for the Arkansas River in Tulsa that’s actually not bad.

A Gathering Place for Tulsa

Bone Bondo

An update for those of you following my Knee Blowout…

Last week I saw the doctor for the first time since surgery. Bottom line is I have 4 more weeks of “no weight bearing” and cannot drive. Grrrrr.

The doctor looked me over and his nurse removed the staples. He nodded and poked and said the swelling was about what he expected. Then he whipped out the photos from the surgery- which I was a bit reluctant to examine- but managed not to pass out.

After he explained some of the images I finally got to ask the question we’d been pondering for two weeks:

“What exactly did you put in my knee?”

He explained it’s a bone powder. The original plan to scrape some of me into the sinkhole was a no-go because the sinkhole was too big. But it wasn’t so large as to require a bone graft from a cadaver. So instead he spooged it full of this paste that is made from ground up human bone. Iyygh.

He explained it’s the consistency of cake frosting and grainy, as you might expect. Basically it’s Bone Bondo! After smoothing off he coats it with this collagen “glue” to keep it in place and sent me home. Over time my own bone will grow into this void, using the Bone Bondo as a sort of lattice to help fill the sinkhole.

Or so we hope.

Crutches Suck

I’ve thought this over, and I’m pretty certain this is my final decision.

And I don’t mean crutches suck just because they always turn up when you’re busted up or crippled or lame.

I mean they suck because for a jillion years nobody has come up with a better way. We can put a man on the moon but we can’t make crutches that don’t impale your armpits?!? Where’s NASA when you need ’em?

Scar from my recent knee surgery. Ouch!