Three Car Garage

Coming home the other day I noticed an odd sight in a neighbor ‘s drive. This guy must have really wanted a three-car garage.

I’m not sure how they managed to get up enough speed, in the short length of a driveway, to cause this much damage. Not only did the Ford crumple when it slid its bumper under the white Buick, it pushed the nose through the garage door!

Click the image to see the full-size image.

SELL-yoo-lar tell-UH-fone

One of my favorite bits from the Red Dirt Roundup television experience was the rural morning show sketch called Agricast. The first one featured Randy Brumley playing a technology reporter and showing off a new gadget called a “cellular telephone.”
Let’s watch!

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Blame it on NPR

The other day a friend told me about a story he’d just heard on NPR. It was about this web site called Threadless where you can submit a t-shirt design and if enough people like it they print up a batch and sell them. I was curious.

There are thousands of people posting designs and some of them are pretty cool. I played around voting on different images for a little while and gathering inspiration. The site is a grassroots creative outlet mixed with the social interaction of visitors as they rate designs on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s sort of like Cafe Press meets MySpace.

So I downloaded their template and played around with a couple of old comics and some clipart. They didn’t care for my first try claiming it was mostly text. It was an old comic I had penned many years ago of a computer visiting his therapist.

The first design Threadless accepted was a play on my Radio Milan t-shirt theme, but with a super 8 movie projector— I called it “They keep making them smaller.”

They keep making them smaller... - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Feel free to click the above link and vote for the design. You will have to register on Threadless but it’s pretty painless.

I don’t remember who the comedian was– but he was doing a schtick about people without a pot to pee in buying brand new cars. The old welfare Cadillac bit. The punch line went something like:

Youse can live in yo car, but you can’t drives yo house.

I guess whoever owns this Bronco is a firm believer. It’s completely packed with crap except for the driver’s seat and a small peephole in front of the steering wheel. Scary.