SELL-yoo-lar tell-UH-fone

One of my favorite bits from the Red Dirt Roundup television experience was the rural morning show sketch called Agricast. The first one featured Randy Brumley playing a technology reporter and showing off a new gadget called a “cellular telephone.”
Let’s watch!

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Blame it on NPR

The other day a friend told me about a story he’d just heard on NPR. It was about this web site called Threadless where you can submit a t-shirt design and if enough people like it they print up a batch and sell them. I was curious.

There are thousands of people posting designs and some of them are pretty cool. I played around voting on different images for a little while and gathering inspiration. The site is a grassroots creative outlet mixed with the social interaction of visitors as they rate designs on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s sort of like Cafe Press meets MySpace.

So I downloaded their template and played around with a couple of old comics and some clipart. They didn’t care for my first try claiming it was mostly text. It was an old comic I had penned many years ago of a computer visiting his therapist.

The first design Threadless accepted was a play on my Radio Milan t-shirt theme, but with a super 8 movie projector— I called it “They keep making them smaller.”

They keep making them smaller... - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Feel free to click the above link and vote for the design. You will have to register on Threadless but it’s pretty painless.

I don’t remember who the comedian was– but he was doing a schtick about people without a pot to pee in buying brand new cars. The old welfare Cadillac bit. The punch line went something like:

Youse can live in yo car, but you can’t drives yo house.

I guess whoever owns this Bronco is a firm believer. It’s completely packed with crap except for the driver’s seat and a small peephole in front of the steering wheel. Scary.

We are sinking!

A friend from Muskogee sent me this and I laughed my arse off. Funniest thing I’d seen in a while.