Odd Find: Jonah & Jake

Here’s another really strange discovery from one of our procuring adventures.

Let’s start with the easy part: it’s a chalkware, um… head, heads, bust, bursts? Okay, not so easy. It’s a double-ended caricature about 6 inches tall and weighs about three pounds. One way up it reads Jonah with a smiley face. Flip it over and we have somber Jake. On the back is engraved: PAT PEND TRADE MARK JONAH AND JAKE. Not much to go on.

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Need a Lift?

Transforming your garage to a full-fledge automotive workshop has never been easier.

The QuickJack BL-50000SLX is an electric lift that raise 5000 pounds of vehicle 18 inches off the floor. It arrives in three boxes and plugs into a regular household 110VAC electrical outlet.

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Rare Find: AMF Stunt Trainer by Wen-Mac

Latest estate sale find: Stunt Trainer, a 1963 model airplane by Wen-Mac.

Wen-Mac was a subsidiary of AMF based in Los Angeles. They made flying model planes with glow plug engines similar to the more popular Cox models.

We’ll soon have this up on eBay so check my auctions for the latest listings!