Next Stop: Forgotten Highways

Forgotten Highways:

I’m working on a new project called Forgotten Highways.

The idea is a series of documentaries about “the old roads” of America.

You know- those bumpy strips of concrete you see veering off your current route. Call them scenic roads, the business route, historic bypass, whatever. Every interstate owes its double-yellow stripes to a winding two-lane nearby that most people have forgotten. They’re everywhere and all it takes to find one is a tank of gas and a Sunday afternoon.

But it takes more than that to really discover these gems. You have to get off the Superslab® and meet people. In my opinion exploring the history of an old road can make for great video. Of course, maybe I’m biased.

This project is a natural evolution of Two Wheel Oklahoma. In fact, it will essentially follow the same format of that show. You’ll see a little more history, a little more Ken Burns-esque camera work, but the vibe will be the same. A couple of guys on motorcycles discovering treasure that’s hiding in plain sight. Continue reading Next Stop: Forgotten Highways

Still Your Buddy?

The popular website and mobile app GasBuddy has been acquired by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).

GasBuddyThis is probably good in the near term, as it means better access to a database of wholesale gasoline prices. Most of the current pricing information provided by Gas Buddy comes from volunteer price spotters. But consumers should probably prepare for more ads as the integration with OPIS matures. They plan to accelerate development of OpenStore, a system for c-store owners to promote their car wash and burritos through social media.

Gaithersburg, Md.-based OPIS, a subsidiary of UCG, is a leading source for worldwide petroleum pricing and information It publishes daily spot prices for all refined products, more than 30,000 wholesale gasoline and diesel rack prices and more than 110,000 retail fuel prices Through its subsidiary, Axxis Software, OPIS also provides software for petroleum marketers to automate price collection, data storage and repricing of dealer and commercial accounts.

Source: CSP Daily News

Insects on the March

The Sam Noble Museum in Norman has been infested with bugs. Giant bugs!

Jackie ponders the giant insects.

Two exhibits opened February 2nd that feature larger than life insects. Either one is definitely worth a visit- the two together make for an entomology overload!

Bugs: Outside the Box features giant, highly detailed replicas of butterflies, beetles and a cool dragonfly. Each one is a handmade work of art- accurate in every detail. The display showing how Lorenzo Possenti creates these gigantic creatures was almost as interesting as the final product!

Beautiful Beasts: The Unseen life of Oklahoma Spiders and Insects is an exhibition of macro photography by Thomas Shahan. His surreal images of spiders and insects look staged or enhanced but he actually shoots them without trickery- or even a very fancy camera! Most of the photos were taken in Norman and Tulsa, although they look like something from another world.

beastsOutside the Box exhibit is on display through May 12, 2013 and Beautiful Beasts can be enjoyed until September 8, 2013. For more information visit


The AA Logo Blandishment Project

Another iconic logo falls by the wayside.

American Airlines unveiled its new logo yesterday to mixed reviews. It replaces the iconic AA brand designed by Massimo Vignelli over 40 years ago.


To call this new “flight” design generic is almost a compliment.

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Wal Mart Overlooks Convenience

Interesting battle for control of the convenience store landscape in the Land of Wal Mart.

According to two c-store chains from Iowa are buying up property for new stores faster than pay-at-the-pump. Caseys’ and Kum-n-Go (tee hee) have opened more than a dozen new stores in Northwest Arkansas.

It surprises me that Bentonville hasn’t jumped into the fray. But I guess for some people Wal Mart is a convenience store? Yuck.

Mad Dash for Natural State Real Estate


Move Over Orbitz

World’s Worst Airline Launches World’s Worst Booking Site

Of course that headline caught my eye.

The airline in question is the North Korean state-run carrier, Air Koryo. Browsing through the site is like taking the Wayback Machine to the cold war-era. For instance, the “news” section offers insight on the company’s newest equipment- the Tupolev 204. This “new” jet dates back to Aeroflot’s fleet from 1989 and “has 12 business classes and 164 economy classes.” Classes? I think that means seats.

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Ride Safe Oklahoma

Earlier this year Oklahoma Today did a nice section on motorcycling in the Sooner State. Obviously this was of interest to me.

But leafing through the magazine I was a little surprised by all the bare skin pictured. Tank tops, shorts and many bare heads. I was prompted to write a letter.

Dress Code Fail
Dress Code Fail

Surprisingly they printed it in the latest issue!

Seeing motorcyclists riding without helmets in popular media is akin to drivers without seat belts or doctors smoking cigarettes on TV. Unless it’s on Mad Men it just really doesn’t seem right. I can remember when bicycle helmets were considered dorky- yet today they are a fashion statement.

Call me politically correct or whatever you like- but people do what people see. Like it or not.




Colorado, Ho!


We’re home after a week in Colorado.  It’s a beautiful place to visit and life just seems to move along at a different pace.

Most of our time was spent in the Boulder vicinity and the nearby Flatirons. I’ll share more about our trip in the near future- for now here’s a slideshow for your visual enjoyment…


Rocket City Rally

Just returned from my second trek to the Great Chicken Rally in Huntsville, Alabama.

I still prefer the old “Rocket City Rally” name because it fits in with the city so much better. The space museum and much of the architecture play tribute to the role Huntsville played in the American space program and still plays in high-tech ballistics. But they do cook up a huge amount of chicken!

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