COVID Cruise

Living in this strange new world of COVID-19 has changed the daily routine. Telecommuting and #WFH (working from home) were mere concepts to most Americans just two weeks ago. Today we’re exchanging tips for using tools like Zoom and Skype. Grammarians cringe as “slack” becomes a verb. Work may never be the same again, let alone the workplace.

We’re also looking for ways to spend our time after hours. How can we get out of the house while avoiding interactions or large gatherings? Socializing without socializing. So yesterday we did something we hadn’t done in years—we went for a drive in the country.

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New Here?

I often get surprised looks when people ask me where I’m from. 

People new to Tulsa are often amazed at the number of natives they encounter. In our mobile society it’s unusual for people to live and work the same place they were born. Most American cities today are made up of transplants– sometimes imported from nearby, sometimes from the other side of the country. 

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