Still Shivering in the Dark

It’s been over a week now and still no electricity.

The total outage is now below 50,000 from a peak of nearly a quarter million. I guess we’re just one of the unlucky ones.

Tree company from North Carolina begins the tree removal.Our block is dark while all around us the lights are on. The din of generators drone 24/7 while we wonder why the hell our neighbor leaves it on all night. Somehow calling the police to complain about noise seems so menial. Work crews can be seen everywhere, but none ever stop on our street. Last week we cheered the white trucks with blinking yellow lights as if they were liberating Paris. Now we just grumble and wish they’d get over to our block.

We’re making the best of it and learning to deal with life in the dark. Hot showers are the only source of heat so we enjoy a little morning sauna in my bathroom to start the day. Sleeping has been pretty comfortable– after the initial cold shock wears off– since we piled on about 40 pounds of blankets and two cats. Just don’t forget to have everything in place because you do not want to get back out of bed!

Heavy lifting in our front yard.The good news is the weather forecast is for warmer weather and we’ve got a crew taking care of the tree situation. As a matter of fact the big oak that pummeled our roof is probably about gone as I type this. The pile of wood in the yard hides the house and it’s a real shame seeing all that beautiful oak wood that’s going to go to waste. Getting the trees taken care of for a reasonable price was a big relief because there were some very large branches dangling over the roof. One branch fell on the garage Saturday when the north wind picked up during the brief snowstorm.

At least we still have a roof over our heads.

Honorable Mentioned

In between all the bad news, rotten weather and lack of electricity this week there were a few bits of good news.

  • PSO claims our power will be back on this evening.
  • Tulsa Overground selected one of my films.
  • My blog was mentioned in a national newsletter.

Hopefully our juice will be on soon, before we spend a sixth night without lights or heat. The neighborhood has been awash in work trucks and linemen as power is slowly being restored. Last night the temperature finally dropped to the point we had to give up and spend the night with friends.

This year I submitted a few short films to the Tulsa Overground Film Festival. Since this is their 10th year I hoped they might find one of my entries worthwhile. In 2005 they selected Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance and What Happens in Tunica. This year they chose the spoof commercial Because We’re Dix. All of these are available online from the films page at

Last but not least, the latest newsletter from the Recent Past Preservation Network had a brief mention of my Oklahoma Modern blog. They included a photo of the concrete turret house near Sand Springs.

But I still wish our lights were on.

Chin Up!

Happy holidays from war-torn Tulsa!

Snapped this pic last night on the way to dinner. It’s good to know there’s still a few folks able to maintain their sense of humor.

Our power has now been out for 5 nights. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that our 1964-vintage home has held its heat quite well. It was 58° on Monday and so far we’ve lost about a degree a day. But no matter how you look at it- it’s getting pretty damn uncomfortable.

Centennial Blackout Continues

The blackout count reached as high as 225,000 according to the radio today. Traffic throughout Tulsa is snarled by downed trees and dark traffic lights. Not only is our power still out, the phone line went dead this evening.

Brookside from the KVOO Tower shows dark areas caused by blackout.The good news is temps stayed above freezing overnight and most of the day today. Now the heavy load of ice has melted off the trees our nerves are much calmer. Unfortunately there are still some very unstable chunks of oak tree dangling over our house.

My office is still closed– no power or telephone service. I’ve been trying to conduct some business and post web site updates from the neighborhood Panera. An entire new class of Coffeeshop Warrior now exists at any wi-fi hotspot. Coffee optional.