Imagine: a Scorpion EV

Converting classic cars to electric power is a tender subject. Some call it the way of the future. Some call it a “restomod.” Others consider it heresy. Many enthusiasts see it as a way to prolong the driving enjoyment of a piece of automotive history.

After all, the challenges of maintaining an older car can be daunting: finding the correct parts, stopping the decay, running antique engines on modern fuel, and sometimes just the inherent flaws of older designs. Electrification of classic cars, while not historically preserving their powertrain, can improve their practicality.

And sometimes, you might even rewrite a little history.

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New E-Bike from Zero

This Zero is All Zip

Zero Motorcycles has once again raised the bar for all-electric bikes.

Zero SR/FThe all-new 2020 Zero SR/F is a naked streetfighter boasting 110 BHP and 140 ft/lbs of torque. Tipping the scales just under 500 pounds the SR/F offers a range of 161 miles in standard trim. Zero calls it the first fully “smart” motorcycle. 


Source: This Zero is All Zip

The EV ‘Fad’ Marches Forward

Depending on who you ask, electric cars are either inevitable or a just passing fad. In Europe it appears they’re taking this fad very seriously. This latest news could make charging stations more abundant than gas pumps.

Automakers are laying the groundwork for a a future in which electric cars are omnipresent – and at least as common a sight on roadways as traditional gas-powered vehicles. Last month, a group of car OEMs including Ford, BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen Group created a new joint-venture called ‘Ionity’ to build out a charing network,…

via Carmaker venture for EV fast-charging teams with gas stations in Europe — TechCrunch