Next Stop: Forgotten Highways

Forgotten Highways:

I’m working on a new project called Forgotten Highways.

The idea is a series of documentaries about “the old roads” of America.

You know- those bumpy strips of concrete you see veering off your current route. Call them scenic roads, the business route, historic bypass, whatever. Every interstate owes its double-yellow stripes to a winding two-lane nearby that most people have forgotten. They’re everywhere and all it takes to find one is a tank of gas and a Sunday afternoon.

But it takes more than that to really discover these gems. You have to get off the Superslab® and meet people. In my opinion exploring the history of an old road can make for great video. Of course, maybe I’m biased.

This project is a natural evolution of Two Wheel Oklahoma. In fact, it will essentially follow the same format of that show. You’ll see a little more history, a little more Ken Burns-esque camera work, but the vibe will be the same. A couple of guys on motorcycles discovering treasure that’s hiding in plain sight. Continue reading Next Stop: Forgotten Highways

Flaky Franchises a Reality

Last Summer we netflixed a movie called Flakes.

It was the story of a local cereal bar being threatened by a big, mean corporate cereal bar. Yes, cereal- like Cocoa Puffs. It was mildly entertaining, but the concept of a cereal bar was the most memorable part. Well, that and Zooey Deschanel.

So then last night, passing through DFW airport enroute from San Antonio, I spotted this sign in one of the food courts…
Cereal Bar in DFW

Turns out Cereality is a franchise based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The wacky idea is apparently not so wacky after all.

Once again, life imitates art.