Fluorescent Finale

The ubiquitous 4 foot fluorescent tube may soon be a mere memory. LED technology has revolutionized almost every other light in our homes – the flickering fluorescent is next.

But there’s no need to start ripping out fixtures. Just as LED bulbs are available for your reading lamp, the newest offerings in Ballast Bypass tubes convert your Fifties fluorescent to a modern lighting solution. Most are plug-and-play so you can retain the existing ballast and wiring, or bypass it for a trouble-free glow.

Look familiar? It’s the same familiar pins… but there’s no glass or mercury inside! These bulbs from Hykolity fit right in place of a T8 or T12 fluorescent.

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Pennytech: Simple Lightbox

Snapping product photos for eBay or Facebook Marketplace just got a whole lot easier! Using this simple lightbox you can shoot on a blank “infinite” background to emphasize the item, instead of your surroundings.

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