Spoon of the Future!

Here’s a unique product I picked up at a thrift store in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It was just too weird not to rescue and offer on eBay!

It’s the Combination thermometer & spoon!

This product is called the Thermo Spoon by Gaydell and is still sealed in the 1965 cellophane. The handle features a dial-style analog thermometer that I assume is connected to the spoon’s ladle.

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Telephony Nirvana

I stumbled across this wonderful site by total accident (as usual) while researching my Trimline telephone. Frills Free Phones, just as the name implies, sells telephones that are just… well, telephones.

Their specialty is retro and new-old stock phones and supplies. I also found the History section pretty cool. For instance, did you know the Trimline was known in Europe as the “Manhattan”? Me neither.

My only complaint: why they didn’t play the alliteration card and use Fones with an F? Oh well, pretty fun site anyway.

Frill Free Phones