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La Scala

Old junk bought. Rare treasures sold.

I’ve been selling stuff on eBay since March 1998. Back then we posted the auctions using a stylus and punch cards.

The name La Scala originated from a scale miniatures business we used to operate in conjunction with our Italian car shop. Well okay, it’s actually the name of the opera house in Milano… but it sounded so cool we thought it was a great name for a model car shop!

But eventually all the models were gone. We transitioned to offering more home furnishings, collectibles and electronics. 

Booth Four TulsaIn 2020 we opened a physical location inside a local vintage mall in Tulsa. Since the booth number we were assigned was four… well, it seemed only natural to rebrand our venture!

Today we offer interesting gadgets, collectibles, surplus computer components, car stuff or motorcycle gear on eBay. We invite you take a look!

View current auctions: Booth Four 

PS—and if you’ve purchased something from us please post your positive feedback. If you’re not satisfied please contact us.