My Video

I have enjoyed working with film and video since high school. Back then we dabbled in Super 8 and 16mm for short comedy skits and pointless narratives. Today I do pretty much the same thing, except I use digital video.

If you’d like to see a few of my comedy shorts visit my YouTube Channel. While you’re there subscribe– I’ve always wondered what might happen if you click that.

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a travel show I co-host and produce with Brad Mathison. It’s a travel show featuring cool destinations and scenic highways in and around Oklahoma.

Here’s a trailer featuring Dawn Welch of the Rock Cafe, Mister Sam from Arcadia and many more…

To learn more about the show, watch clips or full episodes go to… you guessed it, the Two Wheel Oklahoma channel on YouTube.

You might also enjoy viewing another show called the Red Dirt Roundup. It was a sketch comedy experiment you can blame on Randy Brumley and myself. It aired on KWEM in Stillwater and Cox Cable in Tulsa. Curiously, all eleven episodes are available online.