Trunk Hooks for Grocery Bags

Clever hack for making your car’s trunk a kinder, friendlier place for your grocery bags!

Chinese takeout is safely suspended within the trunk!
Chinese takeout is safely suspended within the trunk!

These hooks hold your sacks or grocery bags suspended so they don’t slide all over the trunk.

During our recent car shopping adventures I discovered a nifty feature inside the trunk of an Audi A4. A pair of flip-down hooks attached to the roof of the trunk allowed you to hang your groceries or a purse. Now instead of letting bags slide around your trunk all willy nilly you can hang them on these hooks. I wasn’t impressed enough to buy the Audi, but I did buy a pair of those cargo hooks!

The parts come in a kit with a pair of speed nut and 6mm screws. If you have a late model VW or Audi chances are pretty good you have a couple of holes inside the trunk to accept the speed nuts provided with the kit. In this case installation is dead simple. However, since I have an Infiniti there were no such holes. Not to worry!

riv-nutI removed the interior panel covering the “roof” of the trunk and found a couple of suitable spots to mount my hangers. The local hardware store carries a keen little doo-dad called a rivet nut. Sometimes they’re called a Rivnut.

I bought some to accommodate the 6 mm screws provided with the cargo hooks and proceeded to drill suitable size holes. These are internally threaded sleeves that work like a pop rivet- just without the POP.  You “set” them by threading in a screw. Which is much easier than it sounds! What usually happens is the screw ends up turning the rivnut and you end up with a half-ass crimped rivnut hanging in the hole. The trick is to use something that will not turn between your bolt and rivnut. I found an angle bracket in my junk drawer and it was perfect for the task.

After the four rivnuts were set I held the interior panel in place and marked their approximate location. Using a hole punch made for leather work I popped four holes in the trim piece and then reinstalled the “roof” covering. Once I screwed in my four allen-head screws the hooks were mounted and my trunk was officially organized.

If you’re interested in trying this project you can find the parts on eBay, or check with your local VW or Audi dealer.

2 thoughts on “Trunk Hooks for Grocery Bags”

    1. As do the VW/Audi parts. It’s just that a speedclip won’t work unless the body has suitable orifices punched in the sheet metal.

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