The Winter Cruise

Here we go again!

It’s been eight years since our first and only cruise vacation to Alaska, which we thoroughly enjoyed. But we had always wondered about sailing the Caribbean from Galveston. The idea of skipping the airport delays and drama is appealing, despite Galveston being an 8-hour drive away.

So it’s December 2022 and we’re setting sail for 5 nights in the Caribbean. We’ll be traveling on Adventure of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean boat they call Voyager-class. In plain English that means it’s 20 years old and carries about 3,800 passengers. On the small side for modern cruise ships. But a huge ship compared to our previous cruise on the Pacific Princess, teensy at only 1,500 passengers.

Stay Tuned!
The cruise departs and returns from Galveston, with stops in Cozumel and Costa Maya. We’ll share more about the Adventure (of the Seas) and our trip with updates here and on Instagram: @jrexbrown

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