2 thoughts on “New Fiat 500 Abarth Promo”

  1. abarth meh Hyundai just announced its Velsoter Turbo. 204hp at 6k and 195 ft/lbs at 1750 sorry fiat, but you WILL be skeomd. speaking of smoking .you would have to be in order to buy that focus. 41k? WHAT? to do what save the environment? People really need to do their research, you put more pollution into the air by the production and transportation of the battery then a normal car will . You will have to drive that Electric car about 10 years before you OFFSET the production. ghey.

  2. I want one of these so badly!!! I am looking to get a new car soon and watend to buy a Mini Cooper but if this starts at $15,000 I’ll just wait because the only Cooper I can find for $15,000 is like a 2005!!

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