The Magic of a Left-Hand Drill

The other day I managed to remove a broken screw from a very expensive casting. Specifically, the engine casing of a Ducati motorcycle. But the job turned out to be a breeze using a backwards drill bit!

Extractor Kit with Left-Hand Drill Bits

A previous “mechanic” had broken one of four of the M6x16 sump cover bolts. Instead of removing the remnants they had globbed it over with RTV silicone for the another poor schmuck to deal with at the next oil change. A few minutes after discovering this I could fully understand why. Being at the lowest point on the engine, it’s not an easy feat to find room for a drill… and then drill into the screw while upside down. But disregarding this hurdle, I resolved to remove the broken screw and repair it properly.

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Imagine: a Scorpion EV

Converting classic cars to electric power is a tender subject. Some call it the way of the future. Some call it a “restomod.” Others consider it heresy. Many enthusiasts see it as a way to prolong the driving enjoyment of a piece of automotive history.

After all, the challenges of maintaining an older car can be daunting: finding the correct parts, stopping the decay, running antique engines on modern fuel, and sometimes just the inherent flaws of older designs. Electrification of classic cars, while not historically preserving their powertrain, can improve their practicality.

And sometimes, you might even rewrite a little history.

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